About Us

Days were gone, where we Celebrated Deepavali with Ground Chakkars, Flower Pots, Sparklers etc....Now people are mainly interested in fancy aerial varieties. Whenever anyone thinks about fancy fireworks, the name “SONY – VINAYAGA” flashes into his mind.
Based In Thiruthangal & Sivakasi, an hour drive from Madurai Airport, Vinayaga Fireworks Industries, was started by Mr.P.Panjurajan during 1982 with 2 manufacturing shed in Keela Thiruthangal (V), Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu. He is the principal of the group, the winner of numerous award & honours.
With his continuous hardware and assisted by two of his able sons, the company was then ready for its take off. When fireworks manufacturers were manufacturing conventional fireworks like Chakkars, Flower pots, rockets etc.... Sony Fireworks (P) Ltd., a sister concern unit of Vinayaga Fireworks Industries entered into the fireworks field during 1993, by introducing fancy aerial fireworks. This was very much attracted by the people and thus its was proved that fireworks was redefined by Sony Fireworks group.
Now there are 4 fireworks manufacturing factories, making the daily bread for 4500 workers approximately. All the workers are frequently updated with the quality and safety manufacturing in the fireworks factories. Regular workshops, group discussions and seminars are conducted in the factories to refresh the workers knowledge.
All the factories are being managed by licensed foremen, assisted by qualified supervisors and experienced assistants. Daily production samples from all the factories are tested for their performance & quality, before despatching.